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Performance Upgrades

Cars are no longer just a way of getting from point A to point B. To many people they are an art form, that can be enhanced, modified, customized and beautified. Manufacturers design most cars with average needs in mind, but they have the capability to perfom and look much better.

There is an enormous automtive aftermarket industry our there, which allows us to provide endless possibilities to our customers looking to make enhancements to their vehicle. The end result of most performance upgrades is more horsepower, better driveability and better sound.

- Turbo Kits Installation
- Supercharger Kits Installation
- Suspension Lowering
- Air Ride Systems
- Brake Upgrades
- Exhaust Systems
- Cooling Systems
- Lift Kits
- Leveling Kits
- Air Induction Upgrades
- Fuel Systems
- Suspension Adjustment/Control
- Drivetrain Upgrades
- APR Tuning (VW, Audi & Porsche)
Computer Diagnostics

For many drivers who lead busy lives, they often don’t think much about the mechanical systems of their cars other than filling it up with gas, an oil change or replacing the brakes every couple of years. While these tasks are very important for regular car maintenance, there’s a whole lot more going on under the hood that makes your car roll down the road.

Automobiles in the past 10-15 years have become incredibly complex machines and for most people, the days of the shade tree mechanic. Cars today (like many other products in our lives) are equipped with onboard computers that constantly monitor their performance and can actually make undetected adjustments to the vehicle as you happily drive down the road.

Another really beneficial aspect of having computers in cars today is their ability to alert you if the computer detects that a component in the car is not functioning normally. Most people are familiar with the “check engine” light that sometimes comes on during a journey. But the check engine light is not the only problem indicator that can let you know something is wrong. Other systems such as brakes (ABS) for example are monitored as well. These lights are the manufacturer’s way of telling you that the computer has detected an abnormal reading somewhere within the car that it could not correct itself.

Tyre Change

We offer tyre replacement whether it’s simply about time for some new ones or if your punctured tyre needs replacement. If you’ve got a puncture there’s a good chance you can get it fixed before needing a tyre replacement. Plugs fitted from the outside offer a good temporary repair, but may not be a permanent fix. If you’re considering a tyre repair, remember it can only be completed in the tread area and in all cases, it’s best to have it fixed by a professional who can check for internal damage.

Transmission Repair

Full Stop Mechanical provides full-service transmission repairs on all foreign or domestic automobiles and trucks. If you are in need of transmission service all over ACT. Full Stop Mechanical has a team of automotive professionals with a combined 10 years of experience in servicing automatic, manual, and semi-automatic transmissions.

Transmission Problem Diagnostics
Having issues accelerating? Stepping on the gas pedal but not speeding up? You’re very likely experiencing a transmission problem. Full Stop Mechanical’s automotive professionals specialize in diagnostics- providing you an accurate and honest diagnosis of your vehicle’s transmission in quick time. Full Stop Mechanical provides a full computer diagnostic scan, external inspection, fluid checks, and road tests to help identity what could be causing a problem in your transmission.

Transmission Fluid Exchanges & Flushes
Fluid can be the root of many common transmission issues. Fluid could be low due to a leak in your transmission. Your fluid may also just need to be flushed or exchanged to prevent clogging due to debris or metals. Catching a fluid issue early can save you a lot of time and money. Check-in with Full Stop Mechanical for full fluid diagnostics and services.

Automatic Transmission Services
An automatic transmission is one of the most complex components of any vehicle. Automatic transmissions take all the work out of driving- shifting gears on their own. However, this requires many parts and sensors to be working in unison. Full Stop Mechanical provides services on sensor and solenoid replacement, fluid and filter replacement, and complete overhaul or resealing of transmission.

Manual Transmission Services
Many car enthusiasts enjoy the experience and thrill of manual transmission. Over time, manual transmissions experience wear and tear that must be serviced. Full Stop Mechanical provides full service on any manual transmission needs including clutch replacement, master/slave cylinder replacement, flywheel reconditioning, and full rebuild servicing.

Complete Analysis

A full-service preventive maintenance and automotive repair center. We perform high quality, guaranteed service you can trust at a fair price. We repair domestic and foreign vehicles and are your best choice for scheduled maintenance of your car, SUV and fleet vehicles.

Full Stop Mechanical is family owned and operated and we use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is serviced correctly while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty. We only use quality replacement parts, and our technicians are certified.

Oil, Lube and Filter Change

Check the owner's manual to see if your driving habits are considered to be "severe service." This type of driving requires more frequent oil changes. Have the oil changed accordingly, usually every 3-5,000 miles. For less wear and tear on the engine, drivers in cold climes (sub-zero driving temperatures) should drop their oil weight from 10-W30 to 5-W30.

Description: The typical oil filter consists of a high-strength steel housing containing various types of filtering media. An anti-drainback valve prevents oil from running out of the filter when the engine is off. Today's oil filters have a convenient spin-on design that makes removal and installation easy.

Purpose: The oil filter sifts out contaminants, allowing the oil to flow through the engine unrestricted. Should the oil filter become restricted or clogged with contaminants, they will flow around the filter. This bypassing is a safety mechanism, but you never want to let oil and filter changes go so long that bypassing takes place.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions: For best results, consult your owner's manual, but consider that your driving probably constitutes a severe maintenance schedule. Usually, this means oil and filter changes every 3,000 miles or 3 months. If you change the filter yourself, dispose of it properly. Take used filters to a facility that accepts them. Used filters can be crushed, removing the used oil and the steel part of the filter can be recycled. The oil from one used, seemingly innocent filter leaking into a landfill can taint 62,000 gallons of ground water.

We offer a wide range of services for residential sectors to
enhance their beauty and functionality.

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